Investigation Services

CurbyPartners’ investigators have extensive experience in providing independent investigation services for corporate and government clients in Australia, Asia, USA, Europe and Africa.  We understand the need to respond to allegations of misconduct in a timely manner while handling the various aspects of an investigation with sensitivity and discretion.

Our experienced investigators work with you to minimise the impact of an investigation on your business by developing and executing an investigation plan that meets agreed objectives.  We investigate while you maintain control of business operations.

CurbyPartners helps you manage crisis and investigate allegations of:

  • Fraud/Corruption
  • Foreign bribery
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Code of Conduct breaches
  • Sexual harassment
  • Intellectual property theft

At CurbyPartners, we apply a “fit for purpose” methodology and adapt our approach depending on whether the matter has civil and/or criminal ramifications.

Our general methodology includes:

  • Assess potential further risks associated with the alleged misconduct
  • Clearly articulate the alleged misconduct for investigation
  • Identify relevant witnesses and sources of evidence
  • Collect and preserve evidence in a forensically sound manner to support civil or criminal proceedings
  • Utilise forensic technology experts where electronic data needs to be captured
  • Interview witnesses in accordance with best practices
  • Interview person(s) of interest
  • Liaise with your external/in-house legal counsel
  • Liaise with law enforcement if required
  • Provide ongoing litigation support

We are more than happy to have an initial, no obligation conversation with you to discuss your matter and options on how you may proceed to achieve the optimal investigative outcome.