Fraud Prevention Services

Because fraud happens, you can't afford to ignore it. A fraud can have a significant impact on an organisation beyond losses suffered directly from the fraud.

There are also the costs associated with investigating, litigating, regulatory ramifications, public relations, staff management and the time required managing the fallout from a fraud. A Proactive approach is a sensible and cost-effective method to prevent fraud occurring in the first instance. We typically find that organisations rely on standard controls supported by policy and procedures as the only line of defense against fraud. This is simply not enough, and your stakeholders and regulators expect you to take a more robust, proactive approach to protecting your organisation from financial loss and other associated risks.

CurbyMcLintock can assist you become fraud resilient by adopting a methodology which combines skilled interviewing techniques and tapping into the knowledge of your staff who are at the coalface of business operations, to help uncover where your organisation is exposed to internal and external fraud. We will then provide you with mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of a fraud incident occurring. CurbyMcLintock can help your business to:

  • Identify weaknesses in the control environment where fraud can be perpetrated and used against your company
  • Recommend immediate and long-term strategies to prevent fraud from occurring
  • Raise the levels of awareness about fraud and how it can occur by delivering training to your staff and other stakeholders