Forensic Technology

Our forensic technology experts can assist with the identification, preservation and analysis of electronically stored information in a forensically sound manner for use in investigations or other proceeding.  We can also undertake departure checks to ensure that valuable intellectual property does not leave the organisation when your staff do.

Investigation and forensic technology go hand in hand. It will be a rare occasion that technology is not utilised in the commission of misconduct or provides a source of valuable evidence to prove or disprove the alleged misconduct. Capturing and analysing electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner is imperative to the integrity and success of an investigation.

The prevalence of intellectual property theft and cyber breaches is on the rise. CurbyMcLintock assists you by responding to these incidents and implementing strategies to reduce the risk of IP theft or cyber security breaches from occurring.

Our forensic technology services include:

  • Forensic capture of electronic data
  • Analysis and review of electronic data
  • IP theft investigations
  • Cyber security breach response
  • Cyber security prevention
  • Provision of expert evidence