Data Analytics

With the use of data analytics, CurbyMcLintock can help synthesise, analyse and interpret large disparate sets of data to help make sense of your own information.  Data analytics can help provide insights into your business (e.g. fraud identification, non-compliance with policies and procedures) and can also be used to support investigative activities.

CurbyMcLintock works with you to identify relevant data sets and apply advanced data analytics techniques to convert the data into a valuable commodity.   We do not operate in a ‘black box’ environment but rather provide transparency to enable our clients to understand their own data and provide insights into how the data can be applied to improve business operations.

CurbyMcLintock data analytics experts can assist with:

  • Data collection and preparation
  • Detection and quantification of fraud and other misconduct
  • Analysis of staff entitlements and identify under/over payments
  • Board reporting
  • Data analytics to provide business insights