"Corporate Confidential" - Whistle-Blower Hotline

Implementing a whistle-blower hotline can provide invaluable insights into your business and allow you to keep a finger on the pulse with current and emerging risks in the organisation.  Think of it as an early warning radar.  A hotline can also help drive cultural change and reduce risk and cost within your business by identifying systemic problems, potential losses and employee/supplier issues.

CurbyMcLintock can assist you with the implementation and management of an effective whistle-blower solution that provides a safe and secure environment to report misconduct and lodge complaints in a confidential and anonymous manner.

The hotline solution allows you to manage the reports internally or allows for CurbyMcLintock to assist with the initial report assessment, triage and case management of the matter.  We can configure the hotline to provide the most cost-effective solution based on your operational needs.

Our services include:

  • Implementation of the hotline solution
  • Develop communication strategies around the implementation of the hotline
  • Receive and respond to reports through the hotline
  • Assessment of reports and provide recommended next steps
  • Case management