At CurbyMcLintock, we utilise the skills of our multidisciplinary team of investigators, forensic technologists, forensic accountants and data analysts to help our clients find a practical solution to difficult problems.

How we can help:


  • Investigate allegations of fraud, bribery, corruption, conflicts of interest and other employee misconduct matters
  • Prepare briefs of evidence for use in criminal proceedings (including collating of evidence, preparation of witness statements and statement of facts)
  • Perform background and probity checks on behalf of organisations
  • Obtain, secure and preserve electronic data in a forensically sound format for use in civil and criminal matters
  • Provide evidence and expert opinion in civil and criminal investigations


  • Implement whistle-blower hotlines for organisations
  • Perform fraud and corruption awareness training
  • Perform ‘red flag’ data analysis to identify possible instances of misconduct (e.g. fraud and corruption)
  • Undertake process reviews to identify control vulnerabilities exposing the organisation to fraud and corruption risks