Client Case Studies

Fraud & Corruption - Case Study 1

An employee of a Japanese multi-national in Australia colluded with an employee of a promotional products business to include personal purchases for both people and paid for by the client. A senior member of our team led the investigation into the employee’s conduct and prepared a brief of evidence in relation to a circa $100,000 fraud which was referred to the police. The employee was convicted.

Fraud & Corruption - Case Study 2

A senior member of our team led an investigation into a trader working for an international bank. The trader was a member of the bank’s team trading derivative products. The investigation determined that the employee had ‘traded’ on client accounts and was churning several client portfolios and had forged a client signature. The employee was interviewed and their employment was subsequently terminated. The incident was reported to the regulator, ASIC.

Bullying & Sexual Harassment - Case Study 1

A business relationship between two board members culminated in a complaint of sexual harassment being made and also seeking financial compensation. A senior member of our team led the investigation and interviewed the complainant and respondent and prepared a report for the board of directors. Our comprehensive report assisted in the board determining settlement.

Bullying & Sexual Harassment - Case Study 2

A complaint of bullying and harassment was made by an employee against their manager. A senior member of our team led the sensitive investigation which required interviewing the complainant, several witnesses and the respondent. It was identified that the complainant had raised some matters in bad faith and our comprehensive report was used by senior management to take the appropriate disciplinary action against the respondent and complainant.

Data Analytics - Case Study 1

A senior member of our team led an investigation into the action of a staff member of an international bank. The use of data analytics provided essential information in determining the sequence of events by pulling together disparate information into a single dashboard.

Data Analytics - Case Study 2

A senior member of our team led a data analytics project for a corporate. The analysis and resulting data was used to confirm misconduct of several staff members and also provided a platform to identify the need for change in corporate policy.

Risk Management - Case Study 1

An international Oil & Gas company engaged a director of CurbyMcLintock to review their North American payments operations areas. We identified loopholes in their existing SAP control environment and uncovered high value fraud schemes to which they were exposed. The report detailed the potential exposure to millions of dollars in various fraud schemes and recommended immediate and strategic solutions. The organisation immediately revised and enhanced their control environment.

Risk Management - Case Study 2

The Operational Risk division for an international bank with operations throughout Asia wanted to understand their resistance to internal and external fraud. A director of our team led and conducted a major risk project and reviewed various business units. This work identified specific loopholes and potential schemes that were precursors to allow fraud to succeed. Recommendations from our report were implemented and replicated worldwide across business units.

Due Diligence - Case Study 1

Business partnership – A Middle East multi-national requested us to conduct a due diligence assignment before entering into a relationship with potential business partners. Our work spanned across several countries and we obtained the necessary information to allow our client to make an informed decision on whether to proceed.

Due Diligence - Case Study 2

Initial Public Offering – A company was looking to list on a stock exchange. A senior member of our team inquired into the background and reputation of the directors of the company. We conducted public searches and conducted discreet interviews with creditors, debtors and staff concerning their dealings with the company and prepared a report for the Issue Manager.