Our people have years of forensic experience conducting investigations in Australia and across other jurisdictions including the US, Asia, Europe and Africa.  Their range of experience cuts across numerous sectors including law enforcement, regulatory, government, corporate and professional services.  The broad range of experience enables us to provide our clients with a holistic solution to the matters at hand.

We recognise the impact that instances of misconduct and ensuing investigation can have on an organisation. We are always cognisant of the operational needs of our clients and work with them to minimise the impact on the business.

‘Because fraud happens’, you can’t afford to ignore it. There are huge costs associated with a fraud occurring. Beyond losses directly from the fraud there are significant costs associated with investigation, litigation, legal, regulatory issues, public relations, staff issues and management time.

A proactive approach is a sensible and cost effective method to prevent fraud and corruption in the first instance. We use a methodology to help uncover where your organisation is exposed from internal and external fraud.