Language throws up red flags in Dawson case

Language throws up red flags in Dawson case

By Paul Curby,
Director, CurbyPartners

CurbyPartners’ Director, Paul Curby, recently featured in episode 15 of the award winning true crime podcast, ‘The Teacher’s Pet’, created and produced by Hedley Thomas (see link here to episode 15 of The Teacher’s Pet).  The podcast investigates the 36 year unsolved disappearance of Lynette Dawson from the northern beaches of Sydney in 1982. 

During episode 15, Paul provides an insight into Chris Dawson’s two page hand written account of her disappearance in 1982, the year of Lynette’s disappearance .  The Weekend Australian newspaper, (page 5, 1 December 2018), “Language throws up red flags in Dawson case”, provides an overview of the analysis. The article is attached for those that missed it (The Weekend Australian article).

Paul has extensive experience in analysing statements (written or verbal) to determine where further explanation or detail is required in the context of an investigation.  The analysis enables those skilled in the technique, to identify where people may be being deceptive or concealing information.  It also assists in the initial assessment of a matter to determine the appropriate action to be taken. Paul wrote an article on the topic in July 2018 and can be found here.

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